150 years AFRISO

“Adelbert Fritz bestowed not only his name on our company, but also the fundamental principles of its mission today: responsibility and social competence. Now, more than 150 years later, this still sets the standard and drives the company’s entrepreneurial activities as it moves towards the future. We are now the fourth Fritz generation to lead the company for more than three decades. We are very well aware of the benefits of a medium-sized company with a long tradition of innovation, run by its owners. The value of a handshake still applies in a figurative sense, and this is something everyone can count on – employees, suppliers and customers. For us, the past is not a closed chapter but an incentive to constantly adapt to changing market requirements. After 150 years, we are embracing a promising future, which we would like to shape with trend topics such as “smart home.”

Jürgen and Elmar Fritz, great-grandsons of the company founder
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Biene auf einer Blume auf der AFRISO Bienenweide

Project bee pasture

Since 2019, AFRISO has also been committed to the conservation of insects. For example, a species-rich flower meadow was created on an approx. 300 m2 open area of the company premises, where wild bees, company honeybees and other insects find food and a new habitat.

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